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Training & Personal Development


  • Leadership Development
  • Self Confrontation Course 
  • Prepare and Enrich Certified Facilitator
  • Living Compass Group Facilitator



  • Staff Engagement & Assessments
  • Community Outreach & Engagement
  • Faith-Based Initiatives 



  • Performance Management
  • HR and Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Career and Personal Coaching

The Team


Pamela B. Creekmur, Principal Consultant

Pamela has more than 20 years of management and consulting experience in the health and human services arena. Her has expertise in strategic planning initiatives that include systems review and budgeting, assessments and implementation.  When it comes to restructures or organizational assessment, she and her team will ensure your success with minimal noise.  Pamela has personally coached and mentored numerous individuals in their careers and personal lives.  


Yolanda Miller, Business Manager

Yolanda specializes in forecasting, planning, compliance and structuring. She sees the big picture in every situation.  Yolanda believes a successful business has great people at the heart of it. It's why she is the best when it comes to employee structuring, employee benefit plan compliance, managing staff and growth.